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Let Your Shen Shine

Don’t let our big website fool you!  We are a small, professional office in the heart of Naples.  Just two of us, with an incredible pool of talent between us.  Patricia, a nationally certified acupuncture physician , and has spent 15 years learning, practicing, and attending numerous seminars across the country with recognized “Masters” in the field. She loves incorporating all these learned pearls of wisdom into each customized treatment to bring out the pure “shen” of her clients. Shen is the clarity and light that shines through your face. When you have no blockages in your energy, your shen shines through stronger and clearer. People notice!   Hypnotherapy is a pure joy to her and she’s completed a 500 hour program specifically in this art ….an education far and beyond the usual 50 hours!  On  her way to receiving her Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences, she is passionate about pursuing all aspects of education that can help her guide her patients in their journey toward health and enlightenment.

Amber is a perfect combination of Type A perfectionist with her techniques and pure heart and soul in her delivery.   She works miracles with her facial treatments.  She is also passionate about essential oils and well versed in the applications and benefits of individual oils as well as formulas.   Amber’s Lash Extension skills are already legendary in Naples!  We can’t wait to see what she does next.


A Health & Beauty Clinic

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